Boss’s Tip of the Week: Your New Year Do’s for 2023

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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Your New Year Do’s for 2023 post image

It’s almost 2023. Somehow, COVID keeps hanging around.  We’re cobbling together different forms of co-located and remote work. We’re working out just what AI may mean for us all.

What will 2023 be like? How will back to work work out? Will an AI bot write this post next year? Will there be good times or bad times?

We don’t know a lot of things. But we do know some important things.

You can plan. You can prepare. You can hope. But if you want your performance in 2023 to be better, you must do things differently. Here’s your year-end/new year “Do’s Checklist.” Take your time.

What will you do more of?

What will you stop doing?

What will you start doing?

What will you do less of?

What will you do differently?

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