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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Make metrics matter

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The Digital Age has brought powerful tools that help you and your team deliver better results. But powerful tools call for simple rules. Here are the rules to make your metrics matter. Learn what two or three metrics are most important. Monitor them religiously. Act on what you find. This is only one of 347 tips in my  »  Read More

Performance Evaluation Made Simple

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Nobody much likes corporate performance evaluation systems. Managers find them unworkable and uncomfortable. Workers dread them. Many experts think we should scrap them altogether. But if you’re a working manager you don’t get much choice. You’ve got to do performance evaluations on your people using the  »  Read More

Babies, Bath Water, and Performance Evaluations

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HR Morning just published a post with the title “OK, performance review process is broken: Now HR’s on the hotseat.” Here’s the lead. “Seriously, now: Is it time to get rid of the annual performance review once and for all? Ask employees, middle managers and executives, and pretty much everyone  »  Read More