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Leadership is a Sometime Thing

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Don’t aspire to be a leader. Some of the time, it’s important to be a good follower. Set your sights on leading and not “being” a leader. No one is a leader everywhere and all the time. Leading involves setting direction and pace for a group. There are two basic situations when you can practice leadership. You May  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Try asking questions

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Too many bosses want to have all the answers. Don’t be that kind of boss. Try asking questions Ask questions to find out more about the problem. Ask questions to make sure you know what the other person wants. Ask questions to learn more about your team members, Ask questions to demonstrate that you don’t know  »  Read More

The Gentle Art of Asking Questions

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During my last years in high school, my father was pastor of a parish in New York City. Because of the reputation of the parish and the location, we hosted many receptions. The receptions drew all kinds of people. There were people affluent enough to live in the Upper East Side of New York. There were others who came after  »  Read More

Mind Games that Can Make You a Better Boss

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Merriam Webster defines “mind games” as, “A psychological tactic used to manipulate or intimidate – usually used in plural.” That’s only one definition. Some companies sell “mind games” to describe programs and instructional material that are supposed to train your brain. The purveyors of these mind games  »  Read More

Remember 3rd Grade?

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I went to 3rd grade in a small town during the 1950s. Mrs. McKinley was my teacher. She was one of the “tough” ones. I was eight and it was an important experience for me. My 3rd-grade classroom was perfect for its place, time, and purpose. Today, though, an awful lot of workplaces are run just like that 3rd-grade  »  Read More

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