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Boss’s Tip of the Week: It’s not about you

  |   Leadership

There’s an entire industry out there devoted to portraying leaders as larger-than-life, super-special beings. So, if you’re a leader, it’s easy to start thinking that it’s all about you. It’s not. Your job is straightforward. Your job is to help your team and your team members succeed  »  Read More

Are you a “me first” leader?

  |   Leadership

Organizations designate some people as responsible for the performance of a group. I call them “Capital L Leaders.” That’s you if leadership is your job. And, if that’s you, you have a big temptation to avoid. Lord Acton said that, “Power corrupts.” Here’s how that works. If you’re a  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: What you do is your example

  |   Leadership

You’ve been advised to “lead by example,” but you often don’t hear that you have no choice. What you say and what you do are the example you set. The question to ask yourself is: “Do I want people to follow this example?” If you don’t, change your behavior. This is only one of 347  »  Read More

Leadership by What Example?

  |   Leadership

“There is no leadership without leadership by example.” ~ Captain James Westley Ayers, USMC Captain Ayers was right. There is no leadership without leadership by example. What he didn’t say is that example can be good or bad. You don’t get any choice about whether you lead by example, only about the kind of  »  Read More

Leadership’s Dirty Little Secret

  |   Leadership

Hardly anyone says this, but it’s important. You can aspire to leadership for all the right reasons. You can master catalogs full of specific techniques. You can have the best coaches and the best mentors. But if you don’t love the work of leadership, you won’t be a success and your life will be miserable. If You  »  Read More

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