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Boss’s Tip of the Week: What you do is your example

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You’ve been advised to “lead by example,” but you often don’t hear that you have no choice. What you say and what you do are the example you set. The question to ask yourself is: “Do I want people to follow this example?” If you don’t, change your behavior. This is only one of 347  »  Read More

Leadership and Legacy

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I recently made a trip to Colorado to see my children and grandchildren and meet my great grandson for the first time. The first night I was there, we went to my daughter’s home for dinner. After we finished eating, she asked me to tell several of our family stories. As I did, she recorded them so that my great  »  Read More

It would be nice

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Leadership is hard, demanding work. It’ also one of the most rewarding ways to spend your career. It would be nice if leading well was as easy as it is rewarding. It’s not. It would be nice if leadership was easy. If leadership was easy, more teams would be more effective. More people would enjoy their work and  »  Read More

Has the Word “Leader” Lost Its Meaning?

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When I was a boy, I loved the Landmark books about history. I thought the best ones were biographies of leaders. In those days, “leader” was a noun with a straightforward meaning. A leader was someone who had followers who all worked together. Many leaders were appointed. They were military officers or elected  »  Read More

3 Ways to Get in Trouble

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If you’ve ever tried to go through a day without making a mistake, you know it’s impossible. Ben Franklin found that out when he embarked on his “bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.” As hard as he tried, he couldn’t get through a day without violating one of his principles. For most of us  »  Read More

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