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4 Things to Do Every Day

  |   Leadership

COVID changed the workplace. Sometimes, it seems like we’ve thrown a whole bunch of puzzle pieces high in the air and we’re trying to assemble a puzzle before the pieces hit the ground. It may seem like everything is different, but not everything has changed. The laws of nature and human nature have not been repealed  »  Read More

What Kind of Leader Are You: Superhero or Human Being?

  |   Leadership

Leaders come in all sizes and shapes. They speak every language on the planet. They have different religions, different food preferences, and different ideas about culture. But every leader, has a choice about how to lead. Some leaders act like they’re superheroes. They imagine themselves as superior beings with gifts  »  Read More

Handmade Leadership

  |   Leadership

Thom gave Liz a beautiful stool to use in her kitchen. You can admire the stool, but if you want a stool like that, you can search the known universe and not find it. That’s because Thom made the stool for one person and situation. It’s unique. The best leadership is like that. We used to think that there was one best  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: People are people

  |   Leadership

People are people. Obvious, right? But that statement has some profound implications for you. People have emotions and they bring them to work. People are unique, not interchangeable parts. People have relationships and knowledge. People have lives that overlap their time at work. People aren’t good at the things  »  Read More

10 Things Leaders Should Remember about People

  |   Leadership

“Personal relationships involve nature’s most mysterious forces. Outside judgements are easy to make and hard to verify.” Walter Isaacson wrote that in his excellent biography of Albert Einstein, but it could describe any human relationships. Guess what? Leadership is a people business so you will spend your life  »  Read More

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