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John Daly, the Fatigue Factor, Leadership, and You

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This Sunday, professional golfers will compete for the PGA Championship in Bethpage, Long Island. Over 100 of them will walk the course. One, John Daly, will ride in a cart. PGA officials gave Daly an exemption from the walking rule because he has an arthritic knee. They also, perhaps unwittingly, gave him a competitive  »  Read More

Leadership: Getting the Truth

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“You can’t handle the truth!” Most people know that line from the movie, A Few Good Men. But if you’re the person in charge, handling the truth is your second problem. The first problem you must solve is getting it in the first place. If you’re a leader, the truth is hard to come by. You’ll never be able to  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Autonomy demands accountability

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“Autonomy” has become the buzz word for “giving your team members as much control as possible over their work life.” That’s a good word and a good concept. Just remember that autonomy demands accountability. If you allow a team member to decide how to do the job, he or she must also be  »  Read More

4 Things You can Give Your Team

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My mother said there were two conditions for a perfect gift. The perfect gift should be transformative. It should make a difference to the recipient. Mom also said a perfect gift was one that the recipient couldn’t or wouldn’t buy for themselves. As a leader, you give lots of things to your team. You give them time and  »  Read More

Decompression: don’t take your bad days out on people you love

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They were not good days. I’d leave for the office early, while it was still dark. By the time I got home in the early evening, I was angry, frustrated, and stressed. I knew it was taking a toll on me. I didn’t realize how much it was affecting people I cared about. Until one afternoon. As usual, I roared into the  »  Read More

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