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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Bring in the customers

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Sometimes it’s difficult for team members to understand why their work is important. No matter what job they have, there’s a customer for the work, sometimes inside your organization and sometimes outside. Bring in customers to tell the team how the work they do makes a difference. This is only one of 347 tips in  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Try it their way

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Sure, you’ve got experience and you know how things should be done. But if you think you know the only way, you’ll miss out on some helpful innovation and miss an opportunity to improve the working environment. Two facts are important. First, you don’t know all the ways work can get done. Second, part of  »  Read More

Leadership: 5 Ways to Make Your Team a Great Place to Work

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Leadership is one of the few jobs where you can make the world and work better for other people. You can turn out great work that makes a difference for others. You can help team members grow and meet their own goals. You can help them do important work with people they like. You might be thinking “But there are only 6  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Empower

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Don’t think of empowering as distributing some limited amount of power based on worthiness. The best way to “empower” competent and willing team members is to get out of their way. When you have a team member who can do the job and pitches in to help, don’t think about permission. Instead ask  »  Read More

Independence is Important at Work, Too

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In the 18th century, the 13 colonies that became the United States of America had to fight the British for their independence. The people who work for you shouldn’t have to fight you for their independence. People crave control over what they do. My youngest grandson is a good example of how this works. When he was a  »  Read More

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