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Book Review: Dangerous Games

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Early in her book, Dangerous Games: The Uses and Abuses of History, Margaret MacMillan sums up the reasons why I read history. “History, if it is used with care, can present us with alternatives, help us to form the questions we need to ask of the present, and warn us about what might go wrong.” Many people have  »  Read More

Leadership and Management Book Podcast: Great Books We Re-Read

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Want to be sure that you’re going to read a great book? Reread a great book that you’re already read. Art and I are both avid rereaders. In this podcast you’ll learn why we think you should be one, too. We also share two books we return to often and describe how electronic tools can make rereading easier and more  »  Read More

Book Review: Sailing True North

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I really wanted to like Sailing True North: 10 Admirals and The Voyage of Character by James Stavridis. I didn’t. A good editor might have saved it. In the preface, Admiral Stavridis says, “I hope to illuminate for the reader the most essential qualities of character, demonstrate how they contribute to effective  »  Read More

The 5 Best Books for Business Leaders I Read in 2019

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Books are an important part of my life. Most books I read are business, history, or biography. I also read mysteries and thrillers and westerns.  Professionally, I help people find and create great business books. I help my clients write their books, improve their writing so they can write a great book, and structure  »  Read More

Book Review: How to Think Like A Roman Emperor

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When I was 19, I got a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations from the Walter J. Black Classics Club. I still have that volume. I’ve been dipping into the Meditations several times a week for more than 50 years. The original volume traveled with me in my seabag. It was my companion on trips as a young man. It’s still  »  Read More

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