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Business Book Classic: Managing for Results

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When Shelley told me she had never heard of Peter Drucker, I was astounded. Then I realized that it was the way of the world. Shelley was born in the 90s and went to college in this century. It’s likely that no one in her education ever mentioned Peter Drucker. That’s how things work. Ideas and the names of thinkers  »  Read More

Life is too short for crappy books

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“How long are you going to keep reading that book?” “Markets” was one of my Marine buddies. He noticed that I had been working my way through a thick book for a long time. I told him I wasn’t sure, but I needed to finish the book. Then, Markets asked me a question that changed my life. “Why?” The “why”  »  Read More

Book Review: My Father’s Business

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My Father’s Business: The Small-Town Values That Built Dollar General into A Billion-Dollar Company by Cal Turner, Jr., is one of only a few excellent first-person books about business. Too many authors want to document their greatness. Some want to settle old scores. You won’t find that in this book. Other authors  »  Read More

Book Review: Being Strategic

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I’m embarrassed. I read Erika Andersen’s book, Being Strategic: Plan for Success; Outthink Your Competitors; Stay Ahead of Change, when it came out almost a decade ago. I thought it was great then, and now. I put it on my list of best books on business strategy. That was when I realized that I never reviewed the book  »  Read More

My Summer Reading: The Plan and the Reality

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In June, I planned what I would read this summer. My father created a reading plan for every summer. I’ve learned from what he did, and I follow the same tradition. In June, I shared what I intended to read this summer. Here’s how that plan worked out. A Book I’ve Always Wanted to Read For my summer reading, I  »  Read More

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