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Super Bowl Reading

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Every year there’s more media hype leading up to the Super Bowl which sometimes seems like it ought to be staged in the Roman Coliseum. So here are a few articles that don’t include a single player interview or game prediction. Instead, you’ll find articles on smaller brands capturing the Super Bowl  »  Read More

Fun at work

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Dean is next door, working like a farm animal. He’s not getting paid. The house belongs to his daughter and son-in-law, so it’s not even his house. But when I asked him if he was having fun, he said, “You bet!” with a big wide grin. Most of the talk about fun at work is about programs and games and  »  Read More

Theory X in Sheep’s Clothing

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It seems like a simple, harmless idea. We’ll turn work into a kind of play. Then people will like it and work harder. This is nothing more than Theory X in sheep’s clothing. Theory X was coined by Douglas McGregor in the 1960s. It says that “management assumes employees are inherently lazy and will avoid  »  Read More