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Calm Seas and Crucibles: Navigating Your Career

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Lots of things have changed since I was coming up. For one thing, phones don’t plug into the wall anymore. In fact, most of us carry around a device that’s a computer and a phone. What we expect of leadership has changed, too. And artificial intelligence is beginning to do some of our work for us. Two  »  Read More

Stages of Leadership

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Careers are different today. For decades, becoming a leader, responsible for the performance of a group, was the only way you could increase your income, flexibility, and prestige. Today that’s changing. That’s why you should determine whether leadership is the kind of work you want to do for the rest of your  »  Read More

The Brent Venables Rules of Career Movement

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On December 6, 2021, Oklahoma university announced that they were hiring Brent Venables to be their next head football coach. Venables had been an outstanding defensive coordinator at Clemson, and before that at Oklahoma. If you want to move up in your career, you can learn a lot about what to do by observing Brent  »  Read More

The Willie Nelson Rules

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Willie Nelson started writing songs when he was a little boy, in a notebook he labeled “Willie Nelson’s Songs.” And he just kept writing them. He wanted to be a country singer, so he went to Nashville. Producers there didn’t much like his voice, but they loved his lyrics. So other artists got some  »  Read More

A Formula for Thriving at Work

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“I made myself into someone else just to love you.” You can guess from that line from the song “Small-Town Hypocrite” by Caylee Hammack that things aren’t going to end well. They hardly ever do when we try to be something we’re not. That’s true whether we do it in a relationship or at work. A Little Common  »  Read More

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