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People over Purpose

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“I’ve got to rescue my friends and save the Earth!” That’s from a Flash Gordon movie. It flashed through my mind when I read a Wall Street Journal blog post titled “What Keeps You Inspired on the Job?” Here’s the quote that triggered the memory. “Employers are increasingly  »  Read More

What you can do to help engagement grow

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Engagement is more like a plant than it is like a building. It grows, you don’t build it. The best way to help it grow is to create an environment where growth can happen. If you’re a responsible for the performance of a group, you’re the gardener. Here are some things you can do to help engagement grow  »  Read More

You want engagement?

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Everybody wants engagement. It is, after all, the magical fix for whatever ails your company.   Low profits? Engagement will boost them. Disgruntled workers? Engagement will gruntle them. It is entirely possible that engagement will cure cancer and introduce an era of political goodwill. There are many different  »  Read More

Listen for Engagement

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Engagement is great stuff. No two people agree on a precise definition of engagement, even though everybody agrees that it creates all kinds of good things. That’s OK, though, because they can give it the Potter Stewart test. “Don’t worry,” they tell you, “I know it when I see  »  Read More

Forget about engagement

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Dr. Matt Grawitch has an excellent post at St. Louis University’s Professional Perspectives blog titled: “A Psychologically Healthy Workplace: Some Things to Keep in Mind.” Here’s a quote about engagement. “Engagement is about feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally present while you  »  Read More

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