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New Year’s Resolutions and Reality Checks

  |   Planning
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The ancient Babylonians were probably the first people to make something like New Year’s resolutions, around 4,000 years ago. In their case, the resolutions were promises to the gods to do something specific, like repay a debt. Today, New Year’s resolutions don’t have much to do with anything religious. Instead  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Your New Year Do’s for 2023

  |   future
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It’s almost 2023. Somehow, COVID keeps hanging around.  We’re cobbling together different forms of co-located and remote work. We’re working out just what AI may mean for us all. What will 2023 be like? How will back to work work out? Will an AI bot write this post next year? Will there be good  »  Read More

Reading Lists for Business Leaders: 10/17/22

  |   Books
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Leaders are readers. Reading helps you discover ideas to try and expand your mental models. In this post, I point you to several lists of books. Check them out. You may discover your next read or even a book that will change your life. From Michael McKinney: 10 Books to Get You Back to Work “SUMMER is over  »  Read More

Stages of Leadership

  |   Career
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Careers are different today. For decades, becoming a leader, responsible for the performance of a group, was the only way you could increase your income, flexibility, and prestige. Today that’s changing. That’s why you should determine whether leadership is the kind of work you want to do for the rest of your  »  Read More

Are you improving the way you lead? How do you know?

  |   Leadership Development

When you decide to lose weight, you use a scale to measure your progress. Without that, you don’t have a way to know if you’re losing weight or not. What about your quest to become a better leader? What can you use to measure your progress? That’s a more difficult question because there is no leadership scale that  »  Read More

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