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Delegation: Doing it right

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Delegation is one of the ways you can assign work to your team members. You delegate when you describe a project or task to one of your team members, give them the objective, and make sure that they have the resources they need. Then you send them off to do the job. Mostly, you leave them alone unless they ask for help  »  Read More

Sometimes you’re the problem

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In many ways, Janet was a great boss. She spent time with her people and knew them and their work. She cared about people, helped them grow and develop, and protected them from the random acts of stupidity by the bosses above here. There was just one thing, one phrase, really. “How hard can it be?” It was  »  Read More

Why don’t managers delegate more effectively?

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Why don’t managers delegate more? There are good reasons and not-so-good reasons, but here are some that I came up with. They’ve discovered the hard way that delegating is not always the best way to assign work. Many managers don’t delegate at all because they tried it and got burned. They don’t  »  Read More