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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Don’t encourage risk taking

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Pundits suggest that you should encourage risk taking so that you get more innovation. But most people don’t like doing risky things. You’ll get the innovation you want if you do two things. Tell people: “We expect you to try things.” When they try things, praise them for the effort. While  »  Read More

Hidden Treasures

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Alfred Ely Beach reveled in science and invention. He was the publisher of Scientific American. He established a successful patent agency. And he built something called “Beach Pneumatic Transit.” You can’t tell from the name, but it was one of the first subways. In the late 1860’s traffic in New  »  Read More

The Brian May Rules

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Brian May was the lead guitarist for the group, Queen. Brian May is the author of a book on stereoscopic photography. And Dr. Brian May is an astrophysicist. Even more amazing, all those Brian Mays are the same Brian May. Brian May Rule Nr 1: You really can be good at more than one thing. But they all take work. May was in  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Have an Immediate Action Rule

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I know you get lots of good ideas during the day. Years ago, a manager named Bobby taught me an easy way to stay action-oriented and moving forward. The guiding principle is that trying out your idea is the quickest way to figure out if it will work or discovering how it should be modified. When you have an idea, test it  »  Read More

3 Ways to Make Sure Nobody Shares Their Good Ideas

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Vic dropped out of high school, which is how he found himself in his late thirties in a succession of menial jobs. He went back to school to get his high school diploma. I don’t mean “adult school” and a GED. Vic went to high school during the day, while he worked nights, and sat in class with his  »  Read More

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