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The Fog of Management

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In the early 19th Century, Carl von Clausewitz described war this way. “Everything is simple, but the simplest thing is difficult.” He could have been describing the world of today’s manager. The conventional wisdom is that you should “plan your work and work your plan” and you may show up  »  Read More

Lessons from Chopped!

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“Success is about ingredients and execution.” ~ Thomas Keller Great cooks produce their finest creations when they have control over both the ingredients and the process. That’s how great dinner parties happen. As a boss, you can achieve almost anything if you can pick your team and have all the time you  »  Read More

A Secret No One Tells New Managers

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary lists two meanings for “confrontation.” There are “a face-to-face meeting” and “the clashing of forces or ideas.” Both are part of being a boss, but hardly anyone tells that to a new manager in advance. You could say that managing others is the art of  »  Read More

Motivation Made Simple

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If you’re a manager then you’ve been told at least once that you have to “motivate your people.” But how do you do that? Start by making a change in your head.  Forget about “motivating” people. Motivation isn’t something you do to someone else. It’s something we each do  »  Read More

Talking to team members about performance

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Here’s part of a question that came in via email from a young manager. “I wish to develop the leadership quality whereby I am able to bring out the mistakes and behavioral problems of any one without being verbally attacked.” My first reaction was that the writer might be in the wrong job. He  »  Read More