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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Little Steps

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From the outside, significant change and major improvements seem sudden and dramatic. In reality, the best way to create big change is to do it in small, steady steps. A little progress every day. A little better every day. Closer to the goal every day. Bonus: Making progress every day makes your days feel  »  Read More

Vince Lombardi’s Most Important Lesson

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When Vince Lombardi took over the Green Bay Packers in 1959, things had been going bad there for quite a while. For more than ten years, the team had been on a downward slide. The year before Lombardi took over was their worse season ever. They won only one game. They were so bad that the year’s top draft picked opted to  »  Read More

How Flat Can You Go?

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Flattening an organization is a good thing, right? Everyone seems to think that flattening your organizational hierarchy is a good thing. The University of Cambridge Judge Business School just published a typical article on the subject. It’s titled: “Forget Hierarchy. Go Flat.” Here’s the teaser copy. “Why  »  Read More

Change Requires Emotion

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For a long time, my father refused to use email. There were two reasons, neither of which involved being a Luddite. First, he never really saw how email could give him benefits that letters and phone calls already provided. Also typing was hard for him. My father used a slow, two-finger, hunt and curse system, made more  »  Read More

Change and the Gentle Pour

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At first glance, it was easy to mistake Peter for a soldier. He had a very short haircut and the erect bearing we associate with military professionals. Peter was no soldier. He was a professional waiter. There aren’t many waiters like Peter around these days. He worked at a small private club where he wore a crisply  »  Read More

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