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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Ben Franklin’s Two Questions

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Ben Franklin spent his whole life trying to do things better. In his Autobiography, he outlined his “bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.” You may not try for such lofty achievement, but you can still use the two questions that Franklin asked himself every day. In the morning: “What  »  Read More

The Power of the Pause

  |   Life

“I must be up and doing!” I don’t remember the name of the character who said that as he sprang from bed. I don’t remember the name of the novel he was in or the author of that novel. But that phrase has stayed with me since a course in Victorian literature back in college. That character would fit  »  Read More

Taking Control

  |   Life

These are uncertain times. Kenny is losing weight. Whenever the economy starts wreaking havoc on his world, Kenny starts losing weight. It’s not because he’s worried and can’t eat. It’s one of his ways to take control. The odds are that you can’t do anything about the economy. Your company and  »  Read More

The Palest Ink

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There’s a saying that the palest ink is stronger than the strongest memory. You’ve got a better shot at becoming a great leader if you write things down accurately. Then you can refer to them when you need to. That’s why many leaders and other people keep a journal. The written record is indeed stronger  »  Read More

Lessons from Playground Basketball

  |   Life

The playground basketball I played growing up was pickup basketball. Today, there’s the AAU and coaches and uniforms and referees. They play some games indoors. Back then, it was outdoor playgrounds, metal backboards and a chain net, if there was a net. If you wanted to get as good as possible, you had to go where  »  Read More

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