Elective Surgery and Leadership

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I’m blessed with a deep, distinctive voice. I had
nothing to do with it, all the credit goes to God and my ancestors. My children
refer to it as “The Voice.” Two of them have it as well.

I thought about this after reading a post on Jobmouse with the title “Deep Male Voices are Indicative of Good Leaders.” It would be
easy to take this as proof that I’m a good leader. It would also be dumb.

It would be even dumber to decide that because “deep male voices are
indicative of good leaders” you should try to make your voice deeper. Trust me
on this one, what you say and do will determine whether you’re a good leader,
not your voice.

Consider Patton. He was a legendary combat commander even though he had a
high pitched voice. It was what he did and what he said in that voice that
mattered more than the tone.

Boss’s Bottom Line

When it comes to leadership, if it requires elective surgery or a personality
change, it probably won’t work anyway.

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