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What would Marvin Bower think?

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In 1937 James O. McKinsey, founder of McKinsey & Company, died, at age 48. The firm split into two parts. One part, A. T. Kearney, stayed in Chicago. Marvin Bower kept the part of the firm headquartered in New York. He kept the name McKinsey. And he set about turning McKinsey into something different. Back then  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Maintain your standards

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You need standards for work quality, timeliness, and cooperation. You need to communicate those standards. And you need to maintain them. It’s easy to make an exception for this and then an exception for that and another exception for something else. It seems like a good idea at the time. But if you do that too often  »  Read More

Leadership by Example

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“There is no leadership without leadership by example.” I heard that bit of wisdom from the lips of Captain James Westley Ayers, USMC. But I only remember the quote because of the example he set. My father said that, “You’re alive as long as they tell stories about you.” Many of us who knew Captain Ayers are  »  Read More

Leadership Lessons from a Moving Adventure

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We talked for years about moving to the town where my wife grew up. This month, we did it. We moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to Hartsville, South Carolina, and learned a lot. Moving is hard and stressful. There are many moving parts and many things can go wrong. The one thing you can expect is the unexpected. The day  »  Read More

The Thing About Judy

  |   Leadership

Two big shipping companies each have stores near me. They have similar merchandise and similar services. Their prices are about the same. When it’s my choice to go to one for products or services, I always pick the same one. Judy is the reason. Judy remembers my name, even though I’m not a very frequent or important  »  Read More

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