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Leadership: A Turing Test for Bosses

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Alan Turing made many contributions to the Allied effort in World War II and to the many fields that have coalesced into computer science. He’s best known among laypeople like me for his “Turing Test,” a test of whether a computer can exhibit intelligent behavior like a human being. My question for you  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: People have reasons

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Most people want to do the right thing. They’ve usually got good intentions and they have good reasons for what they do, even if they make a bad choice. That’s when the word “Why” can be your best friend. Ask “Why did you do that?” Your team member will answer you, often leading with the  »  Read More

Leadership: Treat People Right

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With all the talk about ping pong tables and gourmet chefs and nap rooms, you’d think people really want a lot to come to work. But they don’t. Many of the people who came to my supervisory skills classes thought their job was to motivate team members. Whenever I asked those individuals whether they needed to be  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: You’re only champion for a day

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When you win big or hit a big goal, revel in it. Have the party, bask in the glory, feel good. But you’re only champion for a day. Clean up after your celebration, take a few moments to analyze your success, and then get moving on the next challenge. This is only one of 347 tips in my ebook, Become a Better Boss One  »  Read More

Leadership: Do you truly want to be great?

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Don’t settle for the ordinary. Strive for greatness. But be careful. It’s easy to mistake the accolades of greatness for greatness itself. The Accolades of Greatness In 1999, the authors of Lessons from The Top set out to answer the question: “What makes business leaders great?” They created a list of fifty top  »  Read More

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