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Boss’s Tip of the Week: People have reasons

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Most people want to do the right thing. They’ve usually got good intentions and they have good reasons for what they do, even if they make a bad choice. That’s when the word “Why” can be your best friend. Ask “Why did you do that?” Your team member will answer you, often leading with the  »  Read More

Leadership Lessons from Parenting

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I really wanted to be a father. I looked forward to enjoying my children’s love while I guided them, flawlessly, to a life of joy and success. You can guess how that turned out. My unrealistic hopes went out the window on day three. That’s when we realized our first child wasn’t going to sleep through the  »  Read More

Leadership: You don’t have to wait for the future of work

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Annie was exactly the kind of boss you want at your company. Her team was a top producer. People loved to work for her. Some team members had been there for more than a decade. The ones who left almost always left for a great job somewhere else. That “somewhere else” is important. “Slave ship” is the best  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Try asking questions

  |   Leadership

Too many bosses want to have all the answers. Don’t be that kind of boss. Try asking questions Ask questions to find out more about the problem. Ask questions to make sure you know what the other person wants. Ask questions to learn more about your team members, Ask questions to demonstrate that you don’t know  »  Read More

Why and How to Become a Helpful Boss

  |   Leadership

Joseph Folkman and Jack Zenger were researching resilience when they discovered something about helpfulness. Here it is. “Helping and serving others reinforces the connection people have with their colleagues, but it also increases our sense of wellbeing and can lower depression.” Helpfulness is good for your  »  Read More

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