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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Play the odds

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No management technique works every time, but you’ll do better over the long haul if you play the odds. Start by choosing the technique or choice that’s proven most likely to work. If it doesn’t work or if it doesn’t work well, try something else. This is only one of 347 tips in my ebook, Become a  »  Read More

Tradeoffs: Another Reason Leadership is Hard

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Leadership is already hard. Leadership is people work, and no two people are alike. To make things even more fun, individuals don’t act the same way in every situation. Decision-making isn’t easy, either. Many times, you don’t have a choice between right and wrong. The best you can do is a choice between almost right  »  Read More

Thinking of a Leadership Position? Six Questions to Help You Decide if It’s for You

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There’s a funny thing about leaders. You can’t tell by looking who the good ones will be. Effective leaders come in all shapes and sizes and colors and temperaments. Some are pin neat, and others are sloppy. No list of traits can tell you if you will be an effective leader. In fact, there’s no sure way to find out  »  Read More

Leadership and Groundhog Day

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When the movie “Groundhog Day” came out in 1993, most critics thought it was okay. Roger Ebert gave it three stars. Years later, Ebert put the movie in his “great movies” group. He acknowledged that he’d been wrong at first. He said that “Groundhog Day” was one of those movies you should see over and over to  »  Read More

John Daly, the Fatigue Factor, Leadership, and You

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This Sunday, professional golfers will compete for the PGA Championship in Bethpage, Long Island. Over 100 of them will walk the course. One, John Daly, will ride in a cart. PGA officials gave Daly an exemption from the walking rule because he has an arthritic knee. They also, perhaps unwittingly, gave him a competitive  »  Read More

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