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4 Things You can Give Your Team

  |   Leadership

My mother said there were two conditions for a perfect gift. The perfect gift should be transformative. It should make a difference to the recipient. Mom also said a perfect gift was one that the recipient couldn’t or wouldn’t buy for themselves. As a leader, you give lots of things to your team. You give them time and  »  Read More

Decompression: don’t take your bad days out on people you love

  |   Leadership

They were not good days. I’d leave for the office early, while it was still dark. By the time I got home in the early evening, I was angry, frustrated, and stressed. I knew it was taking a toll on me. I didn’t realize how much it was affecting people I cared about. Until one afternoon. As usual, I roared into the  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: What you control

  |   Leadership

You control your behavior, what you say and what you do. That’s it. You don’t control anything else. That may not sound like much, but it’s enough. Great bosses have used their behavior to influence the behavior and performance of their team members for as long as we’ve had bosses. This is only one  »  Read More

Leadership: The Biggest Challenge for First-Time Leaders

  |   Leadership

Every day, people around the world become leaders for the first time. They think they know what challenges await them. They’re right about some of them. When you’re a leader, you must solve problems you didn’t have to solve before. You must confront people about substandard performance or toxic behavior. It’s part  »  Read More

Leadership: How to Be a Creative Leader

  |   Leadership

1956 was not supposed to be a good year to start a homebuilding business. America was sliding into a recession. The competition was fierce. Eli Broad started his own building business anyway. Broad and his partner figured they could beat the competition by being efficient. That gave them an edge, but not much. They also  »  Read More

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