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3 Things to Praise

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Praise is like a powerful chemical catalyst. When you add praise to your workplace in the right way, both performance and morale improve. The basic rule is that you praise what you want more of. Praise Achievement Once, a supervisor described his job to me this way: “They know when they do a good job. It’s my  »  Read More

What good can we make of this?

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“What good can we make of this?” That was my mother’s guide to life. It was her way to encapsulate in a few words the idea that it’s better for you to act than to allow life to happen to you. She asked that question whenever I had one of those inevitable adolescent crises. She asked it when she got her  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Your job is to help the team and the team members succeed.

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You may think that being a boss is only one job, but it’s really two. One is to accomplish the mission through the team. That’s the one most people are aware of. The other job is less recognized, but it’s important to your short term and long term success. Your job is to help your team members succeed  »  Read More

3 Things Effective Leaders Do

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I can’t tell you his name. He says that would be bragging and he doesn’t brag, even though he has a lot to brag about. He joined his company as a management trainee more than half a century ago. He retired as CEO of their international business. He’s certainly had a lot of great business  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Study leaders

  |   Leadership

There are two ways to study leadership. You can read books and articles about leadership. Or you can observe leaders and read books and articles about leaders. Learning from actual leaders, especially ones you can question, should be a big part of your learning. Leadership is situational and you can assess the situation  »  Read More

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