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Boss’s Tip of the Week: People are people

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People are people. Obvious, right? But that statement has some profound implications for you. People have emotions and they bring them to work. People are unique, not interchangeable parts. People have relationships and knowledge. People have lives that overlap their time at work. People aren’t good at the things  »  Read More

10 Things Leaders Should Remember about People

  |   Leadership

“Personal relationships involve nature’s most mysterious forces. Outside judgements are easy to make and hard to verify.” Walter Isaacson wrote that in his excellent biography of Albert Einstein, but it could describe any human relationships. Guess what? Leadership is a people business so you will spend your life  »  Read More

Hard Things Effective Leaders Must Do

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The hard things define success. No one was ever considered a great leader because they filled out the vacation schedule neatly and on time. If you want to be a great leader, or even a good one, you must master the hard things that effective leaders must do. The hard things are people things. You must develop your soft  »  Read More

Leadership is a Sometime Thing

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Don’t aspire to be a leader. Some of the time, it’s important to be a good follower. Set your sights on leading and not “being” a leader. No one is a leader everywhere and all the time. Leading involves setting direction and pace for a group. There are two basic situations when you can practice leadership. You May  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Try asking questions

  |   Leadership

Too many bosses want to have all the answers. Don’t be that kind of boss. Try asking questions Ask questions to find out more about the problem. Ask questions to make sure you know what the other person wants. Ask questions to learn more about your team members, Ask questions to demonstrate that you don’t know  »  Read More

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