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Two Polanyi Principles for Better Leadership

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Michael Polanyi did so many things so well that it’s difficult to classify him in a phrase or two. One of his roles was that of “philosopher of science,” which sounds quite grandiose. What has captivated me about Polanyi’s work is how helpful it is when you tether it to the everyday realities of  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Results count

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In the hectic world where you work, it’s easy to get sidetracked and concentrate on things that don’t make much of a difference. Look at the end of your pipe. What’s coming out? At the end of every day ask yourself the following. Did we accomplish the mission today? Are my people in better shape now than  »  Read More

Leadership: Make it Look Easy

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The great ones make it look easy. Think about Patricia Fripp giving a speech, or Ina Garten cooking a meal, or Ray Allen launching a jump shot from the corner. When I think of making it look easy, I remember Art Jones. Art was the best supervisor I ever saw up close. One day, I was talking about Art with another excellent  »  Read More

4 C Vitamins for Better Leadership

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Leaders don’t do big, heroic things every day. The work of leadership is mostly small things you do over and over with unremitting diligence. Those “little” things become a big important thing over time. They establish the culture of your team. It’s a little like taking vitamins. Here are some C vitamins that will  »  Read More

Sea Change Challenges

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The oldest buildings on the Stanford University campus are clad in gorgeous sandstone. The sandstone is no longer available. There are few, if any, craftspeople that can create a new version of the lovely old facades. So, when renovation is needed, the inside gets completely re-done, but the outside remains that same. In  »  Read More

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