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Making It Look Easy

  |   Leadership
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“Art makes it look so easy. It’s like he comes to work and puts on his slippers.” That’s how one colleague described Art Jones, the best supervisor I’ve ever seen up close.  There never seemed to be problems with his team. They were always productive. When malcontents or slackers were transferred to  »  Read More

Wandering with Mr. Sam

  |   MBWA
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Walmart became the largest company in the world in 2002. That surprised some folks. Fortune celebrated the occasion by asking: “How did a peddler of cheap shirts and fishing rods become the mightiest corporation in America?” The business press likes dramatic new initiatives. It seems to prefer companies  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Schedule time for you

  |   Work/Life Balance
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Your life is hectic, with demands on your time and attention coming from all points of the compass. You need to take some time for you. I’m talking about time to be alone, time to go out to dinner with someone you care about, or time to do something you love. Here’s reality. You won’t get that time if  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Your New Year Do’s for 2023

  |   future
Boss’s Tip of the Week: Your New Year Do’s for 2023 thumbnail

It’s almost 2023. Somehow, COVID keeps hanging around.  We’re cobbling together different forms of co-located and remote work. We’re working out just what AI may mean for us all. What will 2023 be like? How will back to work work out? Will an AI bot write this post next year? Will there be good  »  Read More

Build on your strengths, but

  |   Personal Development
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Shortly after I started in business, I picked up a copy of Peter Drucker’s book, The Effective Executive. Right there, in the first chapter, were words that have been a touchstone for me ever since I read them for the first time. “Effective executives build on strength.” For more than half a century, when I  »  Read More

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