What leadership doesn’t look like

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The President and the members of the House and Senate seemed quite pleased with themselves. After all, they averted a default through their heroic late-night action.

They might see themselves as heroes like Abe Lincoln, but I think they’re more like John Orr. Don’t remember Orr? Let me refresh your memory.

Orr worked for the Glendale, California Fire Department. Other fire fighters admired his uncanny knack of being first to a fire. He always knew where the hydrants were and how to handle the blaze. Everybody thought John was a hero, until they found out that he’d been setting those fires.

That’s what our political leaders are doing, starting the fires they then congratulate themselves for putting out. Their behavior is a good example of what’s not leadership.

It’s not leadership to create a problem and then solve it heroically
. That’s malpractice.

It’s not leadership to kick a problem down the road so that someone else will have to deal with it when it’s bigger and nastier. That’s cowardice.

Boss’s Bottom Line

We all create problems for others. When you do, admit it, apologize and help solve it. And, for goodness sake, don’t pat yourself on the back for your efforts.

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