Leadership Bit by Bit

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In the books and magazine cover stories it all looks grand
and big. Read enough of them and you might think that leadership is about
superhuman beings and grand accomplishments.

The fact is that great changes take time and persistence. It’s often like the
experience of the actor who said that it took him forty years to achieve
overnight success.

For most leaders most of the time, success is not the result of a couple of
great decisions that magically created results. More often, great success comes
from a lot of small decisions strung together and well-implemented over time.

Setting a clear direction is one leadership job. But then it gets harder and
success depends on doing the basics, day after day, with unremitting diligence.

Boss’s Bottom Line

People may follow you because you clearly point a way that they want to go,
but you all get there together one step at a time.

The 347 tips in my ebook can help you Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time.

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