How Terry Moore gets the most from a book

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How Terry Moore gets the most from the business books he reads.

I don’t carry a yellow highlighter into the shower or the pool. Everywhere else, including weddings, funerals, and worship, I carry and use a highlighter.

After I read a worthwhile book I capture those highlights. Dragonspeaking, with all its flaws, is a reliable way to save the notes.

I write more than a dozen articles annually for local professional association and book reviews are common topic. Several times a month I send copies of the articles to people that I talk with.

There have been a few books that were potent enough that I wrote a two or three pages self-mailer, explaining how the book had ideas that could benefit the 6500 potential clients who received the mailer.

Also, local trade groups let me talk to them and I routinely find some way to work in what has been most impressive from my reading.

There are three people that I read books with. We meet regularly to discuss, chapter by chapter what was interesting, controversial, or seemed wrong.

In conversations, I tell others how an idea I got from a book could benefit them. I talk with more than 1000 different people in a year. You know that teaching something cements the ideas.

That’s how Terry Moore does it. Now it’s your turn. How do you get the most from the books you read?

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