How Stephen Lynch gets value from a book

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How Stephen Lynch gets the most from the business books he reads.

Prior to e-readers, I read paperback versions of books with a pencil in hand and used the pencil to underline key passages or write notes in the margin. Whenever I needed to review the material from a book (e.g. if I was conducting research for an article), all I did was read the content I had underlined/noted. This way, it takes me less than an hour to “‘re-read” a whole book.

These days I use the Amazon Kindle reader app on my tablet and use the built-in highlighting and note-taking functions to fulfill the same purpose.

An added benefit of the Kindle app is that it enables me to download samples of books to “try before you buy”. If the author and content have not grabbed me within the space of the sample I quickly delete it and move on to the next book.

I am amazed that so many authors do not realize the importance of loading powerful content upfront to convince readers who are sampling to go on to purchase. I can’t tell you how many times I reach the end of the sample and the author still has not delivered anything of value.

That’s how Stephen Lynch does it. Now it’s your turn. How do you get the most from the books you read?

Reading Suggestion

Business Execution for RESULTS by Stephen Lynch

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