This Week’s Posts about Writing: 8/30/14

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Here are my posts about writing this week, along with some posts about writing from others. This week there are posts on writing style and writing work patterns. And posts by others on writing well when you don’t feel like it and a list of tools for content marketers.

My Posts

See-through style

If you’re writing a business book, your “style” should be invisible.

Writing Better: Learning from Daily Rituals

How will you get your writing done? Mason Curry’s book Daily Rituals will give you some ideas.

Advice from the Masters: Bernard Malamud

Bernard Malamud shares a bit of advice about writing advice.

My writing routine

After I wrote about daily writing rituals I received several requests to share my work pattern. Here it is.

Posts by Others

From Pratik Dholakiya: How to Write Smart Content on Days You’re Feeling Dumb and Distracted

“It’s Wednesday morning, you barely slept last night, missed your morning coffee because you were running late, and are now sat in front of your computer staring at a blank Word file wondering what on earth you’re going to write about. You know you should get on with the task but your hands don’t move and your brain refuses to boot up. You’re longing for Saturday already, but it’s only the middle of the week.”

Wally’s Comment: We all have days like that. There are some good ideas that will help you clear the blockage. Check out my post “Ideas for an Idea-Free Day,” too.

From Jessica Millis: 15 Free Content Marketing Tools To Make Your Life Easier

“These are 15 free content marketing tools that will help you deliver that amazing content to keep your customers coming back for more.”

Wally’s Comment: There are a lot of good tools here. You won’t be interested in all of them, but I bet you find at least one that you want to try.

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