This Week’s Posts about Writing: 7/19/14

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Here are my posts about writing this week, along with some posts about writing from others. This week there are my posts on why people read business books, the purpose of your book, writing advice from Brian Clark, and what to look for in a collaborator. There are posts by others on marketing your book and writing compelling copy.

My Posts

Why people read business books

People read business books to make progress. How will you help them do that?

Business authors are in the helping business

Your book should make a difference in the reader’s life.

Be a problem finder

Problem solvers get all the attention, but if you want to be a great business writer you have to become a problem finder.

Advice from the Masters: Brian Clark

Brian Clark is founder of Copyblogger and the author of the ultimate advice on how to learn to become a better writer.

Writing a book: What to look for in a collaborator

Writing a book with someone else can be a tremendous experience that produces a great book. But only if you have the right collaborator.

Posts by Others

From Adrienne Crezo: Niche Marketing Techniques For Every Author

“At ITW’s ThrillerFest Thursday afternoon, M. J. Rose—author, former corporate marketer and founder of AuthorBuzz, a marketing and promotion service for authors—held a Buzz Your Book session with Meryl Moss, of Media Muscle Public Relations, and Elizabeth Berry of ITW. The idea behind Buzz Your Book session is for the three panelists to help an author find niche marketing and publicity opportunities—on the fly, live, in real-time. Though these suggestions are specific to the book pitched by an attendee, the principles behind them can apply to all genres. Here are some methods for finding interesting, outside-the-box solutions for effective, creative marketing, regardless of your novel’s genre.”

Wally’s Comment: This piece is aimed at fiction authors, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of good stuff to help you market your business book.

From Demian Farnworth: Master This Storytelling Technique to Create an Irresistible Content Series

“The reality is — whether you sell garden hoses or reputation management services — you have to master the know-like-trust factor first. How do you accomplish this vital component of content marketing. You educate people step-by-step.”

Wally’s Comment: Demian Farnworth does his usual excellent job of putting a lot of helpful information in a usable package. Among other things, you’ll learn about an “Empathy Map” and how to use one to make your copy better.

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