This Week’s Posts about Writing: 7/12/14

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Here are my posts about writing this week, along with some posts about writing from others. I posted on writing your book, the 125th anniversary of the Wall Street Journal, writing advice from William E. Blundell and why people read business books. I’m also pointing you to posts by Jeff Bullas and Michael Wade.

My Posts about Writing

Curly Washburn, Elmore Leonard, and Your Book

Make your book better by pondering Curly Washburn’s statement and taking Elmore Leonard’s advice.

Happy Birthday Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal turns 125 today. Some things haven’t changed, including the period after “Journal.”

Advice from the Masters: William E. Blundell

William E. Blundell was a reporter and editor for the Wall Street Journal. He also wrote one of the best books there is on writing nonfiction.

Why people read business books

People read business books to make progress. How will you help them do that?

Posts by Others about Writing

From Jeff Bullas: The Marketing Strategy for Bloggers with No Money

“When I started as a blogger I had no spare cash to buy advertising or even for investing in a professional web design for my blog. In fact the credit card company had my number on speed dial! All I had was passion, a hunger for learning and a domain name. The cost $10…. that was it! Oh yes..I also had time. I was unemployed but my laptop hadn’t been repossessed.”

Wally’s Comment: You may not imagine your blog as a revenue source, but you sure want it to succeed. Jeff Bullas introduces you to the concept of “earned media” and offers some specific tactics to help you build recognition and traffic.

From Michael Wade: Surrounded

“Do we surround a subject or does it surround us?”

Wally’s Comment: Here’s a wonderful description of what it feels like when you’re working on a project.

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