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Leadership: Three Inconvenient Truths about Teams

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It’s easy to tell when a pair of horses is a team. They’re both hooked up to the same wagon and facing in the same direction and maybe even pulling together. When it comes to human beings, though, the word “team” is not so precise. CEOs refer to tens of thousands of people in their company as “our team.” Many  »  Read More

Leadership and the Lessons of March Madness

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This weekend, the four remaining teams in the NCAA men’s basketball championship tournament will play to determine who will be the ultimate champion for this year. It will be an exciting time, and there are some lessons you can learn for business, even though business and basketball are very different. Basketball teams  »  Read More

The Team’s the Thing and the People are the Team

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“It was a great bunch of folks.” For a couple of decades, I began my supervisory skills training with an exercise where we asked people to identify a time when it was great to come to work and then work through some descriptions of that time. Two things were always a part of those descriptions. There was always a  »  Read More

4 vital truths of team culture

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Many people have paraphrased Marvin Bower and defined “culture” as “the way we do things around here.” Culture is your team’s unwritten rules and core values. Here are four vitally important truths about team culture. Every team has a culture You don’t have a choice in the matter. The only choice you have is  »  Read More

4 Things you should know about great work teams

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Teams are how we work now Teams are everywhere. If you’re in business, they’re a fact of life and they’re more and more important. Here’s what Rob Cross, Reb Rebele, and Adam Grant say: “According to data we have collected over the past two decades, the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative  »  Read More

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