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Making virtual teams productive

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My friend is a good deal older than me, and really old school. So when he said that he thought all this “working from home” stuff was dangerous, I thought he meant because you couldn’t tell if someone was working or not. When I expressed that thought, my friend said this. “If you have to look over  »  Read More

Great business teams

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Business teams are a fact of business life. Some of those teams are great, while others aren’t. Here’s what I think sets the great ones apart. Business teams are business teams. Forget the sports analogies. For business teams, every day is game day. Roles can often shift. So when you read the research, make  »  Read More

Community of Practice

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According to Wikipedia, a “community of practice” is “a group of people who share a craft and/or a profession.” You can try to imagine one by reading some formal definitions, or you can visit the beach on Pawleys Island at afternoon low tide. There were a number of people fishing there the other  »  Read More

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