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Englishmen can’t shoot straight: lessons in innovation

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In 1798, the British Army hired German and Austrian soldiers as sharpshooters. Informed opinion at the time was that Englishmen could not be taught to shoot accurately. A dozen years later, that had all changed and British sharpshooters, armed with rifles, were considered “the best marksmen in Europe.” How did that  »  Read More

Innovation: Ultra-Thin Slices at Sargento

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I love sandwiches. My wife says I grew up in a “sandwich culture.” She grew up in the American South where people sat down to eat full meals a lot. We did that too in New York City, where I grew up, but sandwiches were a key part of life. I’d stop by the deli on my way to my job after the school day was done and pick  »  Read More

Let’s try it and see

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I love hanging around musicians. I love their energy and perspectives that are different from mine. That’s why I was hanging out in a music studio on a fine summer day a few years ago while a recording session was underway. The band had been going for an hour or so when they got into a disagreement about how to play one  »  Read More

Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt and Innovation

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I love yogurt. The yogurt I love best is fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. For years I thought I had two choices about how to go about eating my yogurt. I could eat down through the yogurt and then eat the fruit. But I don’t like plain yogurt all that much and the syrupy “fruit” is too sweet to eat alone. That  »  Read More

Lone Genius?

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The “Lone Genius” innovation myth holds that great breakthroughs come from individual geniuses working alone, equipped only with insight. Alas, that myth doesn’t stand up to examination. The lone genius camp favors Henry Ford and Steve Jobs as prime examples. They love to quote Henry Ford saying that  »  Read More

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