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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Most ideas need work

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Don’t believe those stories about sudden insights that worked perfectly. The reality is that no matter how good an idea is, it will probably need some work before it can become a helpful innovation. This is only one of 347 tips in my ebook, Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time. Just promoted from individual  »  Read More

The Stinky and Dirty Show is a great innovation tutorial.

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I love it when my grandchildren come to visit because I learn so much from them. A couple of weeks ago, 10-year-old Banks was here and introduced me to Fortnite. This weekend, 4-year-old Thomas arrived and introduced me to “Stinky and to Dirty.” “Stinky and Dirty” is an Amazon cartoon series for kids. It  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Don’t encourage risk taking

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Pundits suggest that you should encourage risk taking so that you get more innovation. But most people don’t like doing risky things. You’ll get the innovation you want if you do two things. Tell people: “We expect you to try things.” When they try things, praise them for the effort. While  »  Read More

Larry’s Two-Step Innovation System

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Larry was phenomenally successful in business, but that didn’t stop his colleagues from laughing at him from time to time. One thing they thought was funny was the way he dressed. Larry rarely wore “business attire.” He said that he only wore a tie “when it was culturally mandatory.” Most of the time he  »  Read More

Innovation: to go where no show had gone before

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“Beam me up, Scotty.” You hear that phrase a lot, but a knowledgeable Trekkie friend assures me that it was never actually said in any of the Star Trek shows or movies. Wait a minute. It’s a pretty good bet that you recognized the phrase that I opened this blog post with. And it’s an equally good bet that you know  »  Read More

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