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Innovation: to go where no show had gone before

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“Beam me up, Scotty.” You hear that phrase a lot, but a knowledgeable Trekkie friend assures me that it was never actually said in any of the Star Trek shows or movies. Wait a minute. It’s a pretty good bet that you recognized the phrase that I opened this blog post with. And it’s an equally good bet that you know  »  Read More

Englishmen can’t shoot straight: lessons in innovation

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In 1798, the British Army hired German and Austrian soldiers as sharpshooters. Informed opinion at the time was that Englishmen could not be taught to shoot accurately. A dozen years later, that had all changed and British sharpshooters, armed with rifles, were considered “the best marksmen in Europe.” How did that  »  Read More

Innovation: Ultra-Thin Slices at Sargento

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I love sandwiches. My wife says I grew up in a “sandwich culture.” She grew up in the American South where people sat down to eat full meals a lot. We did that too in New York City, where I grew up, but sandwiches were a key part of life. I’d stop by the deli on my way to my job after the school day was done and pick  »  Read More

Let’s try it and see

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I love hanging around musicians. I love their energy and perspectives that are different from mine. That’s why I was hanging out in a music studio on a fine summer day a few years ago while a recording session was underway. The band had been going for an hour or so when they got into a disagreement about how to play one  »  Read More

Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt and Innovation

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I love yogurt. The yogurt I love best is fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. For years I thought I had two choices about how to go about eating my yogurt. I could eat down through the yogurt and then eat the fruit. But I don’t like plain yogurt all that much and the syrupy “fruit” is too sweet to eat alone. That  »  Read More

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