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Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt and Innovation

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I love yogurt. The yogurt I love best is fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. For years I thought I had two choices about how to go about eating my yogurt. I could eat down through the yogurt and then eat the fruit. But I don’t like plain yogurt all that much and the syrupy “fruit” is too sweet to eat alone. That  »  Read More

Lone Genius?

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The “Lone Genius” innovation myth holds that great breakthroughs come from individual geniuses working alone, equipped only with insight. Alas, that myth doesn’t stand up to examination. The lone genius camp favors Henry Ford and Steve Jobs as prime examples. They love to quote Henry Ford saying that  »  Read More

When a team member brings you an idea

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Ideas are the raw materials of innovation Innovation is the key to competitive success, but innovation is an end product. Ideas are the raw materials that are combined and modified to produce innovation. If you want great innovation you have to start by getting as many ideas as possible. That should be easy. Why many ideas  »  Read More

Learning about innovation from Mr. Edison and his phonograph

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Most people think of Thomas Edison as a lone inventor and marketing genius. But history teaches different lessons. Here are some from Edison’s invention of the phonograph. Not so “lone” after all Edison was no “lone” inventor. He set up the prototype of the modern industrial laboratory. He  »  Read More

“What’s the answer?” is the wrong question

  |   Innovation

If you really want innovation, you have to get your head out of school. In school, every problem had a single solution and every question had a single answer. In real life that rarely happens. In real life, sometimes there are no right answers, only intelligent choices. Other times there will be lots of things that  »  Read More

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