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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Try it their way

  |   Great Working Environment

Sure, you’ve got experience and you know how things should be done. But if you think you know the only way, you’ll miss out on some helpful innovation and miss an opportunity to improve the working environment. Two facts are important. First, you don’t know all the ways work can get done. Second, part of  »  Read More

Happy and productive workers

  |   Great Working Environment

Matt was really happy when he went to work last Friday. He and his wife had just found out she was pregnant. He was thrilled. He told everyone, but he didn’t get much work done. Then, there’s Vic. Vic was easily the most unhappy worker I’ve ever known, but he always did good work. Once I asked him why  »  Read More

What office layout is best?

  |   Great Working Environment

Today, it seems, just about every company wants to move to open plan offices.  They’re after innovation, the Holy Grail of the 21st Century. The best design, they think, is one that fosters lots of chance encounters and opportunities for collaboration. But what about productivity? Jim Morgan has researched that  »  Read More

Meeting the Human Capital Challenge

  |   Great Working Environment

The Conference Board is just out with its “CEO Challenge 2014.” The report is based on a survey of over a thousand CEOs, presidents, and chairman from around the world. What’s the top challenge for those folks? It’s “Human Capital — how best to develop, engage, manage, and retain  »  Read More

When Jerry Quit

  |   Great Working Environment

Jerry started looking for a new job the day his daughter got her first job interview after college. He had started at the company when she was getting ready to start high school. For the first few years things were good. He had a great boss and interesting work. He liked the people he worked with. Then his boss got  »  Read More

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