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Leadership: New Things Need Care

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A couple of weeks ago, we planted some new boxwoods in our yard. We must take special care of them during the period that they’re still “new.” That’s true of most new things. Whether it’s babies, boxwoods, or brainstorms, new things need special care and protection. Babies need to grow into productive adults  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Little Steps

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From the outside, significant change and major improvements seem sudden and dramatic. In reality, the best way to create big change is to do it in small, steady steps. A little progress every day. A little better every day. Closer to the goal every day. Bonus: Making progress every day makes your days feel  »  Read More

Vince Lombardi’s Most Important Lesson

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When Vince Lombardi took over the Green Bay Packers in 1959, things had been going bad there for quite a while. For more than ten years, the team had been on a downward slide. The year before Lombardi took over was their worse season ever. They won only one game. They were so bad that the year’s top draft picked opted to  »  Read More

How Flat Can You Go?

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Flattening an organization is a good thing, right? Everyone seems to think that flattening your organizational hierarchy is a good thing. The University of Cambridge Judge Business School just published a typical article on the subject. It’s titled: “Forget Hierarchy. Go Flat.” Here’s the teaser copy. “Why  »  Read More

Change Requires Emotion

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For a long time, my father refused to use email. There were two reasons, neither of which involved being a Luddite. First, he never really saw how email could give him benefits that letters and phone calls already provided. Also typing was hard for him. My father used a slow, two-finger, hunt and curse system, made more  »  Read More

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