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Individual contributor to boss: some questions to answer

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If you’re an individual contributor who’s thinking about taking a position where you’re responsible for the performance of a group, you’re not alone. But before you accept that “promotion,” make sure the work is for you. A boss’s job is different Bosses are people whose job  »  Read More

A New Boss who Shouldn’t Be One

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When Susan left graduate school, clutching her MBA, she set her sights on one big company to work for. She got there on her second job. That’s the way Susan is. Susan is very bright, very focused, and very hard working. Her bonuses and promotions among the individual contributor ranks reflected that. When her  »  Read More

Leadership might be a bad choice for you if

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The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article by Preston. Bottger and Jean-Louis Barsoux titled: “Do you really want to be a leader?” The authors suggest that the answer to their question will be clear after you answer three more questions. How far do you want to go? What are you willing to invest? How will  »  Read More

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