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Boss’s Tip of the Week: What you don’t control

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Many people think that if you’re a boss, you’re in control, but it’s truly amazing how much you don’t control. You don’t control your boss or your team members. You don’t control the company environment or the economic situation or the personal lives of your team members. In fact  »  Read More

5 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Boss

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When researchers reviewed studies of bosses’ success and failure, they found failure rates from 30 to 60 percent. There are lots of reasons for those sorry numbers. We don’t do a great job of selecting people for success as a boss. We barely train the ones we do select. But none of that matters to you. If  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Touch base a lot

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Great bosses touch base a lot. It’s a simple behavior that can make things better for everyone. When you touch base a lot, conversations happen naturally and conversations are your key tool. When you touch base a lot, the fact that you’re there is not an event, so it’s easier to observe and to get your  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Act Consistently

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Your team members crave consistency because they experience it as safety. Reward the same behavior and performance consistently. Encourage and counsel consistently. React to good and bad news predictably. Working bosses identified Consistency as one of the eight characteristics of a great place to work. People hate  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Decisions are Precedents

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Every decision you make sets a precedent that your team members will compare with your future decisions. Think about that before you decide, not after. Some decisions are the same as you would make in any case. No problem there. Other decisions are exceptions. Before you decide, make sure you’re able to explain to an  »  Read More

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