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Wait a Bit Before You Buy that Leadership Book

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“Usually, I wait for a book to be out for a while before I read it and review it.” I said that in a recent blog post, and it inspired a few emails. Some people wanted to know why I wait to decide to buy a book. Others want to know the process. Here are the answers to both questions. Why I Wait for A Book to Be  »  Read More

What I’m Reading Now: Call Sign Chaos

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Usually, I wait for a book to be out for a while before I read it and review it. I wait for the hype to die down. The author’s friends and supporters do most of the early reviews. They say many positive things and few negative things. I bought Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead by Jim Mattis and Bing West soon after it  »  Read More

Book Review: The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

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When my copy of The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell by Paul Smith, I wasn’t impressed. It’s a small book with a little over a hundred pages and lots of white space. It will only take you an hour to read the book. But after you read it, you’ll want to keep it handy and return to it. The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell is  »  Read More

How to Use Summaries and Reviews to Find More Good Books to Read

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If you’re a serious reader, it’s the best of times and the worst of times. It’s the best of times because more books are being published than ever before. It’s easier to find them, buy them, and read them. But there are too many books. It’s getting harder and harder to do the due diligence you  »  Read More

Book Review: Dare to Lead

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Brene Brown has been saying helpful things about leadership for years. She has a legion of fans. So, it was amazing that I hadn’t read a single one of her books. I had The Gifts of Imperfection on my to-read list, but it kept slipping down in the face of other enthusiasms. Then, I saw a quote from her most recent  »  Read More

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