Three Inconvenient Truths

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If you think that the best course of action with every
team member is always leaving them alone to do their work, you may be headed for
trouble. Here are three inconvenient truths you must face.

Some of the people on your team will not be competent to handle every
aspect of the job
. Then it’s your job to coach and train and supervise
closely until the situation changes.

Some of the people on your team cannot be trusted to work on their
There are slackers in the world and you’re sure to have at least
one on your team during a career. When that happens, your job is to determine if
the situation is permanent or temporary. If it’s permanent, then your job
becomes helping the team member find someplace else to work (or not).

Some of your people simply don’t like working on their own.
For some it’s a way to avoid accountability. Coaching usually works, but not
always. Others don’t need management, just attention.

Boss’s Bottom Line

Not everyone who works for you will be competent and committed on all tasks.
Adjust your approach to the person and the situation. Remember: your job is to
help the team and the team members succeed.

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