Thank heavens for Miss Daisy

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I was on my weekly early morning shopping swoop. I like to
hit the stores early, when there aren’t a lot of people and when the shelves are
still stocked. I’d loaded up my cart and I was checking out, making my usual
chit-chat with the cashier. Suddenly she looked behind me with a big smile on
her face.

“Thank heavens for Miss Daisy!”

I turned around to see what was going on. When I got in line there was only
one register open, but since then several more had opened up. Most of those
registers were idle, while there was a long line of shoppers behind me. Miss
Daisy, the supervisor, was helping people get to the open registers.

I’ve been shopping at that store for about nine months now. I’ve noticed Miss
Daisy. That’s not hard because she’s always around and doing something.

Great supervisors do that. They get into the mix with their team. At that
moment, her traffic directing done, Miss Daisy was taking up a position near a
cashier trainee.

I wanted to ask the woman who has checking me out what she thought was great
about Miss Daisy. I didn’t have to. As I turned back around she volunteered her
own assessment.

“She’s always doing that. Helping people out, making things better.”

It would be hard to get a better performance evaluation than that.

Boss’s Bottom Line

Are you always helping people out, making things better?

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