Great work is hard work

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Some people make great work look easy. Don’t be fooled. They’re just doing the hard work out of sight. If you want to do something great, be prepared to work hard.

Great work gets done with people

Most work in the business world is done by teams. Great teams don’t happen by accident, they take work. Be prepared to work hard at making sure everyone understands things the same way. Lavish time and attention on making sure that everyone is pulling their weight.

Greatness means finding new ways

If you do the same things everyone else does, you will get the results everyone else gets. You find the greatness by trying new things out, keeping what works well, and discarding the rest. That can be scary, but it’s essential.

Greatness is in the details every day

Greatness grows from countless, unexciting activities done well over and over, day after day, with unremitting diligence. It means stretching that performance out over weeks and months and years. It means doing good work, even when you don’t feel like it.

Greatness means reading the messages from reality

Greatness grows when you pay attention to how the work is done and what the results are. It means making changes if you need to. It means holding people accountable.

Greatness is not for everyone

Greatness takes preparation and hard work and realism. It’s not easy and that means that a lot of people will opt out of the quest. You have to decide if you’re willing to pay the price.

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