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Stages of Leadership

  |   Career
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Careers are different today. For decades, becoming a leader, responsible for the performance of a group, was the only way you could increase your income, flexibility, and prestige. Today that’s changing. That’s why you should determine whether leadership is the kind of work you want to do for the rest of your  »  Read More

Are you improving the way you lead? How do you know?

  |   Leadership Development

When you decide to lose weight, you use a scale to measure your progress. Without that, you don’t have a way to know if you’re losing weight or not. What about your quest to become a better leader? What can you use to measure your progress? That’s a more difficult question because there is no leadership scale that  »  Read More

Learning to be a great boss

  |   Boss

Today, Jeff Immelt is the CEO of General Electric, but once he was a boy whose father worked on the line at a GE plant. In 2005, Fast Company asked Immelt if his dad behaved differently at home when he had a bad boss. Here’s Immelt’s answer. “Yeah. He came home in a bad mood, uncertain about the future  »  Read More

What’s a win?

  |   Personal Development

“Hey, Wally, it’s Barry from your deep, dark past. I’d love to catch up. Call me.” I stared that the phone, as if it could explain things to me. The last time I talked to Barry, he was heading off to college and I was heading to the Marines. Before that we’d competed in all kinds of pick-up  »  Read More

The stories they tell about you

  |   Personal Development

I love the stories we tell about my parents. The stories about my father are usually about creative ways to get something done. For my mother they often deal with how she dealt with her cancer. Laughter plays a big part in the stories about both of them. They’re still here with us when we tell those stories, even  »  Read More

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