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Leadership: You don’t have to wait for the future of work

  |   Leadership

Annie was exactly the kind of boss you want at your company. Her team was a top producer. People loved to work for her. Some team members had been there for more than a decade. The ones who left almost always left for a great job somewhere else. That “somewhere else” is important. “Slave ship” is the best  »  Read More

The Fix is Never In

  |   Supervision

I remember the first time someone cried in my office. I didn’t handle it well. My job that day was to fire Dorothy. It had been a long time coming. I inherited Dorothy, and she’d had “issues” for a long time. Her work was never up to standard. There were behavioral issues, too, and they affected the  »  Read More

Why and How to Become a Helpful Boss

  |   Leadership

Joseph Folkman and Jack Zenger were researching resilience when they discovered something about helpfulness. Here it is. “Helping and serving others reinforces the connection people have with their colleagues, but it also increases our sense of wellbeing and can lower depression.” Helpfulness is good for your  »  Read More

The Genie, the Bottle, and What’s Next

  |   Leadership

Things are sure different than they were a month or so ago. Millions of people are now working from home. Behind closed doors, they’re doing things they never did before. Instead of going to meetings in glass-walled conference rooms, they’re videoconferencing. Some of them wear formal business shirts and tops  »  Read More

Practicing Leadership

  |   Boss

Charley is an athlete. A football scholarship helped him get his degree at a small school. Today, in the first years of his career, his football experience still influences the way he thinks. Football taught him to work hard at getting better. So he spends a little time every night reviewing his day and making notes about  »  Read More

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