Boss’s Tip of the Week: Exercise for better decisions

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Regular exercise is good for you in many ways. One of them is that you’re more likely to make good decisions when you’re fit.

Good cardiovascular fitness means that your brain gets more oxygen. When that happens, you think better.

When you’re fit, you don’t get tired as easily. That’s good. Vince Lombardi said that “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Fatigue also makes us less disciplined and more likely to pick the easy choice even if it’s not the right choice.

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Hamilton Lindley   |   20 May 2019   |   Reply

Exercise does make me feel better. And what is interesting is that it changes the perception of me with others. I got fat because I was working long hours at a desk for six and a half days a week. It wasn’t out of laziness. But people will still think that the fat guy is lazy and think the fit guy (who doesn’t work as many hours) is a real go-getter. It’s healthier mentally, physically and reputationally to exercise. Thanks for the important reminder, Wally.

Wally Bock   |   20 May 2019   |   Reply

Thanks for adding to the conversation. I remember the day I thought I saw “a fat guy” in the airport, then realized it was my reflection in the glass. Sobering moment, that.

I’ve found that some exercise isn’t “exercise.” I stand up when I write because the writing has more energy. When I feel tired, I sometimes take a nap, but other times I take a walk.