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It’s a cliché because it’s true. We all have the same amount of time. But the successful people I’ve known seem to squeeze a lot more out of the time they have. How do they do it?

They do the important things. All the important things. Here are some important things the rest of us overlook too often. We speed past them in our way too busy lives.

Take the Time to Build Relationships

Quality relationships make for a happy and productive life. But relationships wither if you don’t spend time on them.

Take the Time to Make Good Decisions

Some decisions must be made quickly. So, do it. But often you’ll make better decisions if you take the time to gather information and opinions. Take all the time you need.

Take the Time to Prioritize and Plan

You need “just enough” planning. Take the time to decide what’s important and how you’ll get the important things done. Don’t spend too much time planning, though. Swing into action. It’s the best way to learn and be productive.

Take the Time to Check Progress

No plan, no matter how good, implements itself. People have got to do the work. And the work tends to slip slightly more off-course the longer you go without checking on it. Take the time for team meetings where people can share what they’re doing and what help they need. Take the time for one-on-one meetings with every team member to find out what they need and how you can help.

Take the Time to Reflect

We don’t learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience and changing our behavior. That won’t happen by accident. You must take the time to reflect. Frederick the Great put it succinctly: “What good is experience if you do not reflect?”

Take the Time to Rest and Recover

You’re at your best when you’re fresh. To be fresh, you need to take time to sleep. Take time for breaks and time away from work.

Take the Time to Try Things and Grow

When you take time to reflect, you’ll come up with ideas about things you could do or would like to try. Make sure that you don’t stop at reflection. Set aside time and budget to try things. That’s the way you grow.


Take the time to build relationships.

Take the time to make good decisions.

Take the time to prioritize and plan.

Take the time to check progress.

Take the time to reflect.

Take the time to rest and recover.

Take the time to try things and grow.

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