3 Questions to help you analyze performance problems

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Diagnosing performance problems is part of every boss’s day. It starts when you notice that one of the team members isn’t performing up to the expected level.

Here are three questions to help diagnose performance problems quickly and fairly. Ask the questions in order to get the best results.

Ask: Can they do the job?

If you’re not sure, talk things through with the team member. The two of you will usually be able to figure out whether this is a skills issue, a resources issue, or something else.

If they don’t have the skills, train and coach them. If they don’t have the resources, get the resources or change expectations.

If they can’t do the job, that’s the problem to fix. Skip to the third question.

Ask: If they can do the job, why aren’t they doing it?

If they pitch in for every other task, it’s probably a confidence issue. Coaching is usually the solution. If they don’t pitch in for anything, it’s a discipline issue.

Ask: Is there anything else I should consider before I take action?

There are a lot of things that might affect what you do next. Consider the individual’s personality and work history. Think about how other supervisors dealt with him or with her. Evaluate how others will react to whatever you do next.

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