3 things to give your brain on a 3 day weekend

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Your brain only weighs about three pounds, but it’s critical to everything you do. From time to time you want to treat your brain like it’s special, because it is. Long weekends are the perfect opportunity. Here are three things you can give your brain on your next three day weekend.

Give your brain some sleep.

Shakespeare said that sleep, “knits up the ravelled sleeve of care.” Most of us don’t get enough sleep most of the time. You can’t make up sleep, but a three day weekend gives you the opportunity to get enough for a night or two.

Next long weekend, don’t set the alarm. Sleep until you wake up naturally. You may even want to take a nap. Your brain will love it.

Give your brain some slack.

We live such busy lives. There are places to go and things to do tumbling over each other all day every day. But too much thinking and worrying and keeping track of things is tiring for your brain. Even worse, all that busyness drives out creativity.

Next long weekend, give your brain a break. Take some time to just sit or walk or do anything that doesn’t require mental effort. Don’t be surprised if ideas start popping into your head.

Give your brain something different.

You can think about work if you want to, but why? You’ll be more refreshed at the end of the weekend if you give your brain something different to think about.

Next long weekend, find something different to do. Read something different. Go to a museum or take nature walk. Even if you think a lot about your “different” activity, your brain will find it invigorating.

Bottom Line

A long weekend gives you the opportunity to do things that will make your brain happy.

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