Leadership: Set the Stage

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In the theater, the stage is set for performance when scenery and properties are all where they’re supposed to be. If the stage isn’t properly set, it’s harder for the actors to deliver the performance that the playwright and director imagined. If you’re a boss, you should be doing what you can to set the stage for excellent performance.

Set the stage for excellent performance by sharing clear and reasonable expectations. Make sure your team members have the knowledge, skills, and resources (including time) to meet those expectations.

Set the stage for future decisions by considering the precedent you set with every decision today. This will happen whether you intend it, or not. Think about how your decisions will appear from the vantage point of the future and the perspective of a team member.

Set the stage for a great working environment by setting an example of excellent performance and civil behavior. This is something else you get no choice on. Your example will set the standard. Make it a high standard.

Set the stage for excellent performance in the future by helping the team and team members grow and develop. The more they can do willingly and responsibly, the less you will need to supervise and the more you can concentrate on other matters.

Boss’s Bottom Line

Every action you take and every decision you make has an impact on both the present and the future.

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