4 C Vitamins for Better Leadership

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Leaders don’t do big, heroic things every day. The work of leadership is mostly small things you do over and over with unremitting diligence. Those “little” things become a big important thing over time. They establish the culture of your team. It’s a little like taking vitamins.

Here are some C vitamins that will make your leadership better. Be sure to do them every day.


You’re the team’s coxswain. The coxswain steers and makes decisions about where the boat needs to go. The coxswain maintains the cadence for the team and helps them work together. You could say the coxswain is in charge, but the derivation of the word comes from “boat servant.”


Part of your work as a leader is to care for your team members. Keep them safe, physically and psychologically. Help them grow, develop, and achieve their goals.


Communication is devilishly difficult and it’s right at the core of your work. Work hard to be as clear as possible. Check for understanding. Follow up to be sure that understanding turns into performance. Listen. Only half of communication is outbound.


You can’t do your work without courage. It takes courage to confront people about their performance and behavior. It takes courage to do what’s right but unpopular. It takes courage to speak the truth to power.

Bottom Line

Those are four leadership C vitamins. Make them part of your day every day.

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