Do you want to read 100 books this year?

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BooksDarius Foroux wrote a provocative post on Medium titled, “How to Read 100 Books a Year.” It’s a rich post worth reading in full. Here are his key points as a teaser.

  • Buy in bulk
  • A(lways) B(e) R(eading)
  • Read relevant books only
  • Read multiple books simultaneously
  • Retain the knowledge

That’s great stuff. Read the entire post for the details. Here are some other things to consider.

Is 100 the right number for you?

The goal is learning, not reading a specific number of books. Figure out how many books you want to read this year. Then track your progress and results and modify your plan if necessary.

Let people point you to books worth reading

Start your search for great books to read by asking your friends and colleagues for recommendations. I asked people to tell me the best book they read in 2015. More than fifty of them shared their “best read.” I also post my own “Five Best Books I Read in 2015.

Read book reviews for ideas about what to buy and read

Great book reviews can point you to books you want to read. They can also give you all the info you want about some books, so you don’t have to buy them. Michael McKinney at LeadershipNow and Bob Morris both do a lot of good business book reviews.

Use summaries to figure out what to read

Well-written book summaries can help you streamline your efforts. Business Source Book Summaries offers a great discount on their excellent summaries for Three Star Leadership readers.

Listen to some of your books

Audio books are perfect for some titles. You can listen while you do something else. This is best for stories. Don’t use audio for books where you will want to take lots of notes. Check out Audible for lots of good titles. I’ve had a subscription there for over a decade.

Life is too short for crappy books

If you’re reading a book that’s not right for you or one that’s just plain bad, stop reading. Find another book. The purposes are learning and growth. There is no merit badge for finishing every book you pick up.


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