A look back at 2015

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New Year’s Eve is a good time to look back at the year and learn the lessons the year has to teach. Here are seven articles to help you.

From Michael Bungay Stanier: The Four Hardest Questions to Answer at the End of the Year

“So here we go. Four hard, messy, difficult, useful questions to sit with and reflect upon as 2015 draws to an end. (And as a bonus, there are some short video lessons offering up some useful tools.)”

From Susan Adams: The Worst CEO Screw-Ups Of 2015

“This is the fifth year I’ve put together a worst CEO screw-ups list and 2015 has proven the most interesting challenge so far. Six out of 10 of the bosses still have their jobs and have not admitted that they’ve done anything wrong, despite the fact that their actions precipitated huge business problems including a massive stock drop. Almost all of them made the list because of conduct that stretches over past years. One of my picks didn’t do lasting damage to his company but I couldn’t resist citing him for the absurdity of his behavior.”

From the NY Times: The Lives They Lived

“Remembering some of the artists, innovators and thinkers we lost in the past year.”

From Kazumasa Sakurai and Yukio Okubo: Job Seeker Trends 2015: Channels, Search Time, and Income Change

“The Boston Consulting Group and Recruit Works Institute set out to assemble a truly global view of the job search process today. (See ‘About the Research.’) Our survey of more than 13,000 individuals from 13 countries—one of the largest surveys of its kind—sheds light on the channels people are finding most effective in the search for employment, how long job seekers are spending on the search, and the resulting increase or decrease in their incomes and overall satisfaction.”

From Anthony Ferrier: How 2015 Changed Corporate Innovation: An Overview

“There were several key (and generally welcome) themes that emerged throughout 2015 within corporate innovation. These are, in part, driven by the increasing value that corporate and business leadership place on this (still relatively) new competency, the sophistication of practitioners in the field, and the results of seeing what works or fails. It is truly an exciting time to be in this field and to see these changes form across the industry.”

From Teresa Novellino: 5 trends that shook up retail in 2015

“Retail got smarter and faster in 2015, which was the year of the ‘buy’ button, same-day delivery, and retail operations that opened and closed on the fly.”

From Ilan Mochari: The 5 Most Inspiring Leadership Moments of 2015

“Inspiration comes in many forms. And it came often in 2015. Some entrepreneurs found inspiration in Pope Francis’s visit to the U.S. Others found inspiration in an inventor’s prolific milestone: breaking Thomas Edison’s record for lifetime patents. And these were just two of the year’s momentous occasions. Here’s a short list of the highlights from 2015.”

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