Leaders and Strategies in Real Life: 7/11/17

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Instead of studying leadership, why not spend some time studying leaders and strategies in the wild? You can learn a lot from leadership experts, but you always see the leader and what he or she does through the expert’s personal lens. Supplement that learning with studying real leaders in real life situations and draw your own conclusions. The posts in this series will help you.

Every week I’ll point you to articles by and about real leaders in real situations and to articles about how real companies are faring in the marketplace. Read them. Think about them. Draw your own lessons and conclusions from them. Then try to apply those lessons in your own real life.

This week I’m pointing you to articles about Andy Jassy, Roxanne Chihos, Mark Vergnano, Kevin Murphy, and John Betz.

From Matt Winberger: A top exec explains what makes Amazon different

“Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon’s massively profitable $14 billion Amazon Web Services cloud computing business, thinks that there’s something that people miss in the broader conversation around the retail giant.”

From Steve Blue: League of Extraordinary CEOs: Hair loss transformation in a single day

“Roxanne Chihos is the CEO of Good Look Ink, the world leader in hair replication using a technique called scalp micropigmentation.”

From Michael Winkleman: MARK VERGNANO: How He Turned Around DuPont’s Failing Spin-Off

“When Chemours spun off from DuPont in July 2015, it immediately found itself in hot water, saddled with debt, non-performing businesses, and far more employees and facilities than it could support. Running this new company was Mark Vergnano, a long-term DuPont executive, who had asked for the assignment. Chief Executive’s editor-in-chief, Mike Winkleman, spoke with Vergnano about how the new company dealt with its initial challenges, its plans for the future and the experience Vergnano has had building—and rebuilding—this company.”

From Elliot Begoun: Driscoll’s CEO on servant leadership

“Kevin Murphy is the CEO of Driscoll’s. My guess is that if you were to look at the strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and more in your refrigerator, you’d find the Driscoll’s logo adorning the package.”

From Suzette Parmley: His Shore Starbucks have outlasted casinos and hurricanes

“Both events took out his Starbucks cafés, which were licensed to him, meaning that he runs them himself, pouring his own money into upkeep and helping to design them. In return, he pays a monthly royalty fee to Starbucks and pays again into an ad fund to advertise. He is one of fewer than a hundred around the country who are licensed to have Starbucks-branded stores. The coffee giant offers such licenses only in certain venues, such as casino resorts and hospitals.”

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