Leaders and Strategies in Real Life: 1/31/17

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Instead of studying leadership, why not spend some time studying leaders and strategies in the wild? You can learn a lot from leadership experts, but you always see the leader and what he or she does through the expert’s personal lens. Supplement that learning with studying real leaders in real life situations and draw your own conclusions. The posts in this series will help you.

Every week I’ll point you to articles by and about real leaders in real situations and to articles about how real companies are faring in the marketplace. Read them. Think about them. Draw your own lessons and conclusions from them. Then try to apply those lessons in your own real life.

This week I’m pointing you to articles about Fogo Charcoal, P&G, Sharon Daniels, ING. and Clif Bar.

From the Miami Herald: Fogo Charcoal in Hialeah is a fast-growing and glowing success

“Fogo Charcoal imports high-quality hardwood charcoal from South and Central America and sells it wholesale to restaurants, supermarkets, hardware stores, other retailers and distributors, primarily in Florida.”

From Jennifer Pellet: P&G’s Innovation Initiatives

“Long lauded for the deeply instilled processes that enabled it to build household-name brands, P&G has struggled to continue that winning streak over the past decade. Under CEO David Taylor, who was charged with addressing that issue when he took the helm in 2015, the company is looking to reignite the innovation engine by accessing ideas from frontline employees who engage directly with consumers of the household products it sells.”

From Adam Bryant: Sharon Daniels of Arria: Always Double-Check Your Motivations

“And those conversations shouldn’t be difficult if you’ve built a relationship of trust, because then the person knows where you’re coming from. They already trust you, and they’re not feeling defensive, so they don’t take things so personally.”

From McKinsey & Company: ING’s agile transformation

“Two senior executives from the global bank describe their recent journey.”

From Elliot Begoun: Clif Bar CEO: “Leadership is one of the greatest honors you can have as a human”

“I feel my schedule is busy, and that I manage to pack my life fully. But, compared to Kevin Cleary, CEO of Clif Bar & Co., I’m a piker. Kevin is a husband, father of three (including a set of twins), Kona Ironman finisher, American Ninja Warrior contestant and the leader of one of the most recognized brands in the portable healthy nutrition space.”

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