Leaders and Strategies in Real Life: 9/12/17

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Instead of studying leadership, why not spend some time studying leaders and strategies in the wild? You can learn a lot from leadership experts, but you always see the leader and what he or she does through the expert’s personal lens. Supplement that learning with studying real leaders in real life situations and draw your own conclusions. The posts in this series will help you.

Every week I’ll point you to articles by and about real leaders in real situations and to articles about how real companies are faring in the marketplace. Read them. Think about them. Draw your own lessons and conclusions from them. Then try to apply those lessons in your own real life.

This week I’m pointing you to articles about Sameer Dholakia, Matthew Prince, Nely Galan, Niels B. Christiansen, and Jamie Dimon.

From Jeff Kauflin: The Unusual Management Style Of One Of The Most Highly Rated CEOs In Tech

“Sameer Dholakia, CEO of email delivery platform SendGrid, is one of the most highly rated chief executives in tech. His Glassdoor approval rating is 98%, the same level Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg garner among their ranks. Users of careers site Comparably recently rated Dholakia the number-one tech CEO among companies with fewer than 1,500 employees — he even beat out Slack’s widely revered CEO, Stewart Butterfield.”

From Adam Bryant: Matthew Prince of Cloudflare on the Dangers of Fast Growth

“The chief executive of a cybersecurity firm says that adding more employees too quickly can erode the foundations of company culture.”

From Kate Bassett: ‘Don’t buy shoes, buy buildings’

“Nely Galan, Telemundo’s first female president and author of Self-Made, on asking for help and why you should work backwards.”

From Saabira Chaudhuri: Lego Turns to Digitally-Savvy Dane as Its New CEO

“Lego A/S has jettisoned its chief executive after just eight months in the job, appointing a younger leader with technology experience in a surprise move it hopes with help it compete in an increasingly digitally-focused environment.”

From CNBC: Jamie Dimon shares the secret to his successful career

“JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says the secret to his successful career was putting family first and taking care of his well-being outside of work.”

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